Thursday, 12 July 2007

Looking for a Spam JudoChop!!

The Postini acquisition by Google was a great move. I'm hoping that the Do No Evil squad will use this acquisition to make a strong run at eliminating spam. The evil of all evils. I rarely say this but, "Go Google!".

P.S. I've gotten numb to spam. I get two or three of the junk pdf or penny stock recommendation a day. I also have pretty good spam filters as well as a paid for service for my corporate mail...which btw does a worse job than my free gMail account! (note to self to look for something else). Have you recently checked the amount of junk mail you have in your yahoo, google or other mail account. It is insane!

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mcdice said...

I've found that the spammers are tweaking spam using spamassassin to get the lowest possible bayesian score. Somehow GMail stays on top of it. I think it has to do with their ability to zero in on spam because of the number of users they have reporting it.

In my personal GMail account there are 8000 messages in my spam folder over the course of 30 days, which equates to 266 caught messages per day. As the mail admin for 50 or so users I was spending a significant amount of time (some times a couple days a week) tweaking filters, rules and tuning postfix settings. All why my CEO and CTO were bitching about penny stock spam. Even using the RBL's which blackhole all of the comcast zombies, we were getting crushed.. Then, I found this:

and it's been the answer to my prayers. Poof, spam vanished and I never had to tweak another filter again. Now if I could figure out how to get all the mail for all my users through the same GMail account instead of needing one per user.... profit.