Tuesday, 14 August 2007


With so many people talking about Facebook I finally broke down and signed up last week. At this point I don't get it. Definitely some interesting things there but I'm not quite sure how it becomes the 'platform' that everyone is talking about. To me it feels like a netvibes/myspace combo or Yahoo portal on steriods (aka Barry Bonds portal) where you can plug in both personal and public items, attach to some outside apps via the i-frame technology they've built, get your own little group/network/blog going, etc..

Fact of the matter is that the power of Facebook is their userbase. Some of the guys at August Capital said Facebook had over 35M subscribers....35 MILLION (said like Dr. Evil). I wonder how active they are? I'm now one of the 35M and I doubt I'll log in more than once a week.

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