Thursday, 23 August 2007

Google Reader

I've started using Google Reader as my news reader of choice. It is very cool, has solid features and even has some very nice keyboard commands. I'm absolutely hooked on the j and k.

Really only have two complaints. The first being that even with gears I have a hard time reading my feeds offline and a second highly ironic complaint....where is search! How the heck does Google make a product where search is missing?

AN UDPATE: After removing gears on my Mac, dropping back a version of the reader, re-installing gears and then upgrading to the current version of the reader I now have re-liable off line reading (as long as I remember to download my content prior to going off line. Google, how about an option for timed/automatic downloads.).

And yes. This is the undocumented/documented fix for getting gears to work with Reader on the Mac. Google, what is your quarterly profit again? Maybe this is one way I can increase operating margins....

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