Monday, 30 June 2008

Coat Hanger HDTV

Very cool. For all of you CBs out there.

Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna: Better Than Store Bought! AMAZING!

Elo Everidge Saved Me 1200 Bucks

Thanks Elo!

Posted a few days ago about my non-sleeping MBP. Isolated the problem to the Firewire ports which had gone bad. Went to the Apple store to have replaced and found out it was going to cost me TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! (out of warranty since my daughter accidentally dumped my coffee on it....which I'm sure killed the Firewire ports).

Twelve hundred bucks. Hmmm, the Airbook started to look pretty good. But not being the wasteful type I asked the Apple "Genuis" - relative term - to disable the Firewire ports. No can do, against Apple policy, I don't know how to do it, yada yada. Ok. I can understand that so I take my walk of shame over to the Airbooks. Amaze over how light they are. Think about buying one and then renew my resolve to get my super heavy super expensive MBP fixed. Do a search on the lovely new Airbook "disable firewire ports on mac" and up pops the guy whose name is in the title.

Five minutes later a fast booting, fully sleepable machine. Minus firewire, which I don't use anyway.

Much love Elo!!

Originally Posted by Elo Everidge View Post
Thanks for your reply, mgsarch. I'm convinced it is a hardware issue. Here's how I managed to disable the FW ports:

(1) Go to /System/Library/Extensions and move these files to a backup folder on your desktop (or anywhere else):
You will need your admin password for this.

(2) Reboot. Mac OS won't attempt to load the FW drivers and with this all problems have gone away for me. The FW ports are still dead of course, but everything else works, including shutdown and sleep.

System Profiler now says, "No FireWire ports can be detected."

Let me know if this works for you.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Enomalism's Cloud Management Code

Rich Wolski of Eucalyptus referenced these guys in a talk he gave at Velocity '08.

Not at all what I thought it was going to be...but still interesting.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

MBP Won't Sleep

Round two...ding, ding, ding. Frackin' MacBook Pro won't go into sleep mode. Again!!

Completely frustrated with this thing right now.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Every once in a while a report comes out that is built on stats that make you say 'oh boy'. Even more interesting is the quote in this snippet of the AEA report published by the Post (full article here):

"Recent data show the tech sector is "climbing back to 'pre-bubble-bursting' levels of employment and activity," Hansen said. The bubble of the late 1990s was the product of "an exuberance of investment" in companies that often lacked solid fundamentals, but the current growth is being driven by a more stable industry that has become integrated into the broader economy, he added."

Current growth in the tech industry is built on a more stable industry??? Kidding, right? Have these people actually paid attention to the Web 2.0 community? Not as much money in so the fall won't be as hard as 1999/2000, but we'll still feel it when it happens.

Other interesting factoids that were published in the Post.

Among the report's key findings:

_ Seattle led the nation in technology job growth in 2006, adding 7,800 positions.

_ The New York metropolitan area had the most high-tech employees in 2006 with 316,500; followed by San Jose, Calif., in the heart of Silicon Valley, with 225,300 tech workers; and Boston with 191,700.

_ Silicon Valley had the nation's highest concentration of high-tech workers with 286 industry employees for every 1,000 private sector workers.

_ The Washington, D.C., region led the nation in technology job growth between 2001 and 2006, adding 7,500 workers.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

One Hundred Push-Ups

This is a pretty cool website. One hundred push-ups in 6 weeks. How many can you do?

Shine still hasn't come off the Perl

Stumbled across an old co-worker today (UUNET) that was completely jazzed about a new project he was toying with. You guessed it by the title, written completely in Perl. In the back of my head I was trying to determine how long Perl had been around. We hacked on it pretty heavily in the early days of UUNET (perl4&5).

Took a look at the wikipedia entry and wasn't completely shocked to see Perl has been around 20 years. Talk about staying power. I wonder if Perl got its 'legs' from the CPAN which is arguably 90+% of open source perl hacks and libraries that developers can quickly grab and utilize. CPAN puts some serious camelpower in the hands of experienced as well as newbie hackers.

Please don't use the very obvious argument that you can't 'do it all' in Perl. Not attempting to say Perl is a panacea, just honoring the long legs of the Camel.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Eucalyptus - EC2 Disuptor

Eucalyptus, the Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems (whoever came up with that should get an award...or some more Peyote) while early looks to be a legitimate disruptor to Amazon's EC2. Just when you thought that this market was going to be completely ignored by the Open Source community you are reminded that they are some of the brightest guys in the tech field.

Lots of cools things about this release. One of which is that they follow the Amazon EC2 schema. I.E. instant portability for apps that may want to check out of Hotel Amazon. Much more to do but I have faith that the folks supporting Eucalyptus will get it done. This one has legs.

Take a look at Eucalyptus. Know more than one person that will have a tear of joy in their eye.

Firefox 3 Download Day 2008 - Success Based FAIL

Folks. Mozilla wanted to break the download RECORD. Not the site.

What a great problem to have. So many people want their product that they can't hand it out fast enough.

(Credit: Mozilla Firefox)

Symplified - Simplifying Identity Management for SaaS

Symplified has slowly been taking the covers off of a pretty cool piece of technology to support Identity Management for SaaS companies. While sexy it may not be Identity Management is a drop the h, huge (that is uge people) issue, for Software as a Service companies. For the big and the small guys to be successful moving forward they will all need capabilities to link the enterprises user access model to their or other applications in the cloud. Initial demand will primarily be driven by the Salesforce, Netsuite, Intacct and Adobe's of the world. The new/emergers in SaaS will quickly follow.

The folks at Symplified have been focused on following their namesake and are working on creating a
"“configuration-not-coding” solution that snaps into place and works right away."

Best of luck to them. I personally know both Jonti and Eric. With the two of them at the helm I believe their chances of success are extremely high.

Mint - The Refreshing Money Manager

So I've been playing with Mint Software as of late. It is a great little free software as a service application that consolidates and runs analytics against your accounts and spending. For someone like myself that has multiple bank and brokerage accounts it has become a real value add. Being able to take multiple accounts and categorize your spending and spending habits truly is useful. Betting that folks that even have one, maybe two accounts will really benefit from the service.

My only complaint. With the rise of gas prices it is completely depressing to look at my monthly gas/fuel spend! Resolving to ride the bike to the office a bit more.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Motorola -- You BLOW!!

disclaimer- This is a huge rant.

How come (actually I know why but still am insulted) Motorola insists to change the charging port on their Bluetooth products EVERY FRACKIN YEAR. I travel Mr. Motorola. I like having one cord for charging, preferably from my laptop. I know, I know...go buy a multi cord USB charging dynamo. I DON'T WANT TO!!! You guys really, really stink.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Leningrad Cowboys

Further proof that the United States won the cold war. Wonder if I can book them and the Red Army band for my Fourth of July party? The Red Army singing back up to the Leningrad Cowboys version of Sweet Home Alabama on the Fourth of July....think the world has changed a bit in the last 50 years?