Monday, 30 June 2008

Elo Everidge Saved Me 1200 Bucks

Thanks Elo!

Posted a few days ago about my non-sleeping MBP. Isolated the problem to the Firewire ports which had gone bad. Went to the Apple store to have replaced and found out it was going to cost me TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! (out of warranty since my daughter accidentally dumped my coffee on it....which I'm sure killed the Firewire ports).

Twelve hundred bucks. Hmmm, the Airbook started to look pretty good. But not being the wasteful type I asked the Apple "Genuis" - relative term - to disable the Firewire ports. No can do, against Apple policy, I don't know how to do it, yada yada. Ok. I can understand that so I take my walk of shame over to the Airbooks. Amaze over how light they are. Think about buying one and then renew my resolve to get my super heavy super expensive MBP fixed. Do a search on the lovely new Airbook "disable firewire ports on mac" and up pops the guy whose name is in the title.

Five minutes later a fast booting, fully sleepable machine. Minus firewire, which I don't use anyway.

Much love Elo!!

Originally Posted by Elo Everidge View Post
Thanks for your reply, mgsarch. I'm convinced it is a hardware issue. Here's how I managed to disable the FW ports:

(1) Go to /System/Library/Extensions and move these files to a backup folder on your desktop (or anywhere else):
You will need your admin password for this.

(2) Reboot. Mac OS won't attempt to load the FW drivers and with this all problems have gone away for me. The FW ports are still dead of course, but everything else works, including shutdown and sleep.

System Profiler now says, "No FireWire ports can be detected."

Let me know if this works for you.

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