Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shine still hasn't come off the Perl

Stumbled across an old co-worker today (UUNET) that was completely jazzed about a new project he was toying with. You guessed it by the title, written completely in Perl. In the back of my head I was trying to determine how long Perl had been around. We hacked on it pretty heavily in the early days of UUNET (perl4&5).

Took a look at the wikipedia entry and wasn't completely shocked to see Perl has been around 20 years. Talk about staying power. I wonder if Perl got its 'legs' from the CPAN which is arguably 90+% of open source perl hacks and libraries that developers can quickly grab and utilize. CPAN puts some serious camelpower in the hands of experienced as well as newbie hackers.

Please don't use the very obvious argument that you can't 'do it all' in Perl. Not attempting to say Perl is a panacea, just honoring the long legs of the Camel.

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