Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Don't Tick off The Gamer Geeks

EA released a DRM controlled copy of Spore and it has the gamer world up in arms. Amazon's web site has the product ranked at one star based on 1300+ reviews. A bit mind blowing. One because 1300+ people took the time to rate and comment and two because there are then comments to those comments. Angry, angry, elves. Check out this comment from pastyboy123.

"EA treats the consumer as an everyday criminal and requires unnecessary software to be installed with this game to make sure you're using the copy to their standards. To play the game you must enjoy this extra software, you have no option to opt out - why should I pay to be treated like a criminal?"

Umm. No comment.

I can understand EA wanting to control it's SW from being abused by folks deploying more than a 'legitimate' number of installations but there are better options. Monthly subscription maybe? Hearing that type of deployment is becoming pretty popular...something about software as a service.

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Walt said...

Or better yet, using Valve's online verification system, where, to play the game, you must have an online connection.

For free.

But definitely down the 'software as service' model.