Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Steve Jobs poked a bit of fun at Bloomberg's botched press release yesterday letting everyone know that "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". Almost Twain but not quite as Twain's famous line was, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Though not exaggerated any longer as Twain is quite dead.

Doesn't look that way for Jobs. He appeared healthy, chipper and on top of his game. He even got the opportunity to make fun of MSFT..while not directly making fun. If you have the time check out his post keynote video interview with CNBC. The head shake after the "what do you think of MSFT's new add" question is a classic.

Biggest disappointment from yesterday. No new macbooks announced!! The iPod enhancements are nice and the 'shake your iPod' to shuffle your music, while fairly useless in my opinion, is an unbelievably cool add-on.

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